Natural Body Detox – How to Detox your Body naturally

Natural Body DetoxIn this Article, we going to reveal how to detox your body naturally… And how to cleanse your body of toxins, and many other things that can be holding you back from achieving the health, and body you deserve!

So let’s get started! Many people ignore the importance of detoxing the body, because they don’t think it’s that important, and they don’t really understand how to properly do it.

The Importance of Detoxification

importance of detoxWhat you probably never knew is, though – that toxins have been building up in your body for YEARS.

Possibly before you were born – since you basically absorbed most of what your mother consumed while you were in her belly!

And in todays world, its unfortunately easier than ever for our bodies to absorb toxins wherever we are, if we aren’t conscious or pro-active enough.

Most foods and supplements you consume these days contain toxic ingredients, that you’re probably not even aware of.

Toxins can also enter the body via everything from the skin hygiene products you use… All the way to the air you breathe. Even the water you drink every day. The one that you think is good for you, may also be playing a role in adding more toxicity into your body.

Impact of negative emotions

negative-emotionsBut it’s not only the environmental things, or products and foods you consume that can be adding toxins into your body every day.

But also internal emotions such as stress, anger and other so-called “negative emotions.”

These emotions actually produce toxic chemicals within the body, and can affect everything from your weight loss goals, all the way to your overall health!

Now… We are not telling you all of this, so you’ll start wearing some anti-toxic space suit every time you go out and go live somewhere in the Himalayan mountains.

Although that WOULD BE pretty cool! 🙂

Instead, we are telling you all of this because there are certain things you can do to cleanse your body, and get rid of all those harmful toxins… That may have been sitting in your body for years, if not decades.

The time to get rid of them is NOW!

It’s time to detoxify your body

time to detox your bodySo if you’ve been having a hard time losing weight and feel lousy most of the time. Or you simply want to pro-actively take steps to improve your health, while also priming your body to get in the best possible shape, and get the best results in the gym.

Well, it may be time for you to detox your body, and CLEANSE your body of toxins! Because you definitely don’t want them sticking around in your body any longer! Did you know the importance of cleansing your body from all the toxins that you have.

Throughout your life, you get all these toxins. Their bad, very bad. Very very very bad toxins. You must rid them out of your body. Cleanse your system. Breathe.

How to detox your body naturally

Natural-DetoxThere are many different cleansing or detox protocols that you can use, and we recommend that you do further research on the topic, and learn more about the various options out there.

But one of the most common, and easiest ways to get started is by beginning to add more raw whole foods into your diet.

Start to eat a BUNCH of organically grown vegetables, especially the LEAFY GREEN ones, and some organic fruits.

You should also get some healthy fats from natural raw seeds, and other various sources, like avocados. The best way to consume all of these foods while detoxing your body, is via juicing!

Juicing raw whole vegetables, and then drinking a few servings per day will help your body flush out all of those harmful toxins that have been building up in your body for years.

You should greatly reduce, OR completely remove any overly processed, chemically enhanced, or genetically modified foods from your diet. ESPECIALLY during the cleansing or detox period.

Alkaline water

alkaline waterYou also want to make sure you get at least 1 gallon of PROPERLY FILTERED, alkalinized water each day.

With a PH level of about 8 or above!

A simple way to naturally increase the alkalinity of your water is by simply squeezing a little lemon juice into it before drinking.

Lastly, you want to also make sure you are consistently following a challenging exercise routine, since sweat is also one of the best natural ways that your body releases toxins.

So by following these steps you will be well on your way to cleansing your body of the the harmful toxins and you will DRASTICALLY improve your overall health, and quality of your life at the same time!

Let us quickly show you some of the foods that will helps you detox your body naturally.

Foods that will helps you detox your body naturally

best detox vegetablesSo here we have different kinds of kale; this is all organic.

We have black kale, red kale, green kale.

We have broccoli,  some organic garlic, we have organic lime.

And then we have organic seeds; some almonds, pumpkin seeds.

Now all of these stuff plus more; you can use beets, you can use all these different kinds of vegetables.

We suggest you do more research on the topic to find out more vegetables you can use for juicing and you can also eat these raw, you can cut them up and put them in a salad.

Benefits of regular detoxification

If you do this for a couple of days or week or two weeks or even longer with cutting out all that toxic food and stress out of your life, you will be surprised how your body can change over time and you’re going to feel so much better.

Your skin is going to look better, your nails are going to look healthier, your hair is going to be healthier and there’s so many toxins we’ve all been carrying around as I just mentioned.

So this is the kind of food you want to use to clean your body from all those toxins that have been building up and drink a lot of water.

Supplements that help to detox your body quickly

Chlorella detox

And there’s also little food hacks that you can use, like if you take a Chlorella supplement. There’s little Chlorella supplements that you can get.

What it does, it’s really helpful; it’s full of cleansing materials and cleansing properties that will help you cleanse your body, so supplement like that can help.

But what it also does is it helps bind to mercury and mercury is found in a lot of food such as fish, these days they’re filled with mercury and mercury is a toxin.

It’s a neuro toxin, so you definitely don’t want that in your body and it’s found in cans, canned tuna, a lot of canned foods can contain mercury.

Mercury & Chlorella

chlorella_wheatgrass mercury detoxIf you have any silver fillings.

Amalgams in your mouth, that contains mercury and every time you chew, it can let out some mercury into your body and then eventually get into your bloodstream; that’s toxic.

So a little thing you can do, when you eat fish is, take a little supplement with Chlorella.

Just pop a little Chlorella pill and then what it does is the mercury binds to the Chlorella and it flushes out of your body instead of getting absorbed by your body and going into your bloodstream.


So there’s all these little hacks that you can find out but for now stock up on a bunch of organic vegetables with a lot of leafy green ones.

Get a juicer, start juicing, eat them raw and get organic seeds, healthy fats, avocados and start to cleanse your body because your body will definitely thank you and you’ll get much better results in the gym.

You’ll probably be able to lose that excess weight that you have been struggling to lose; you’ll look healthier and you’ll feel better.