Food Based Vitamins versus Synthetic Vitamins

Food Based versus SyntheticIn this Articles we are going to be talking about the difference between synthetic vitamins and whole food based vitamins and supplements. There is a big difference, and we want to give you this warning.

If you are taking the wrong type of supplements, especially the wrong type of calcium, it can actually increase your risk of a heart attack and stroke. And here’s the reason why this works.

What are synthetic vitamins?

A lot of these synthetic vitamins and supplements today are made from ground limestone and rocks because there are minerals in rocks. It’s the cheapest place to get them. Or also from ground mineral salts.

And the type of minerals in there are not natural for your body. Just to let you know, there are a lot of different types of minerals. Even in calcium, there’s calcium carbonate, calcium malate, calcium citrate, calcium chelate. There are all these different forms of calcium.

And calcium carbonate is the form of calcium found in a lot of these cheap, synthetic vitamins today. And your body doesn’t recognize it.

Synthetic Vitamins – Dangerous and less effective

synthetic vitaminsIn fact, one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, “The British Medical Journal”, found that if you are taking a synthetic calcium supplement, it can increase your risk of a heart attack and stroke by over 30%.

And that’s because another journal said only 5 to 30% of these synthetic vitamins like that calcium is being absorbed into your bloodstream.

So listen, when you’re buying vitamins and supplements, you get what you pay for.

You absolutely want to be investing and getting higher quality, rather than the synthetics. So again, synthetic, your body recognizes it more as a toxin, not near as much of it is absorbed. And you might have paid half the price but you’re going to pay the price with your health. And also, you’re absorbing 5% of it, so it really isn’t effective.

Difference between synthetic and food based vitamins

And here’s the difference between synthetic and food-based supplements. Synthetic is just that. It’s been taken from an unnatural source for your body. A whole-food-based supplement done in two ways. It’s either taken right from a food, so for instance broccoli, you’re taking the calcium from there.

The way that the top companies do today, as well as the supplements that we prefer and usually recommend to others, are created through fermentation. So, through probiotics.

Whole food based vitamin supplements

whole_food_supplementsSo what you can do is if you’re creating a whole-food-based vitamin C supplement, you can take vitamin C from broccoli, which is a very small amount, but then you can ferment it just like you turn milk into kefir.

And those probiotics and enzymes help support the growth and creation of more vitamin C. It makes it more absorbable. And that’s how the top companies, whole-food-based companies, is they do a combination of extracting vitamins and minerals from plants and then fermenting them.

And that’s how you get real, whole-food-based vitamins and supplements. And only the top brands in the world, like Sunfood, MegaFood, Garden of Life, those are the only companies I know that actually do the whole-food-based fermentation in their vitamins and supplements.

So again, scrap and get rid of these synthetic vitamins today. Load up on whole-food-based vitamins and supplements, and if you want to learn more, check out our website.