What is the best Vitamin C & Ascorbic Acid

what is the best vitamin c

Vitamin C normally comes in a complex. In nature it always comes with a bunch of associated parts. So let’s talk about the parts. Vitamin C comes from an antioxidant portion or a protective coating called ascorbic acid.

And when you go to the store and buy Vitamin C, you’re normally going to see ascorbic acid and very high dosages including up to even grams.

Ascorbic acid is not Vitamin C

ascorbic-acidIn nature ascorbic acid never occurs more than a hundred milligrams.

So when you see Vitamin C tablets over a hundred milligrams, chances are it’s made synthetically.

Now where they make Vitamin C synthetically is from cornstarch and sulfuric acid.

So they mix those two together and make this ascorbic acid and tell you it’s Vitamin C.

When it’s really a synthesized version of one part of the Vitamin C complex.

We don’t recommend it because it has side effects. In fact, when you take too much of this one part (ascorbic acid), you will create deficiencies from the other parts of the vitamin that normally come in nature’s package.

High doses of ascorbic acid can lead to vitamin C deficiency

A patient went to mexico and went to some of this alternative clinics, to get rid of his cancer. And they injected him with a hundred thousand milligrams of ascorbic acid.

Well, he came back with the worst Vitamin C deficiency you’ve ever seen your life. So he had spider veins, he had hemorrhoids, he was completely tired.

Vitamin C deficiency is basically scurvy. Scurvy is a fatigue. Your joints fall apart and you have a lot of vein spider, vein issues or varicose.

Natural Vitamin C is more than just ascorbic acid

Vitmain C ComplexIn the vitamin-c complex, normally in nature you have Vitamin C that’s the bioflavonoids.

And the factors that support the connective tissue around the arteries and the veins that prevent the spider veins on your nose.

Vitamin J, that’s the lung or anti pneumonia vitamin, that helps you going up stairs and preventing you from getting out of breath easily.

It kind of helps your lungs increase oxygen and you see a deficiency in this in a lot of asthma cases.

But it’s really still the Vitamin C complex.

And then you have a copper. Each Vitamin Complex comes with a different mineral. So copper is one of the minerals in the Vitamin C complex. But it’s actually in an enzyme form. It’s called tyrosinase. And tyrosinase is there to help as a precursor to build the adrenal hormones.

That’s why we are talking about Vitamin C

benefits-of-vitamin-cBecause it’s essential and to build your your adrenal hormones. The reservoir of Vitamin C in your body is held in the adrenals. And so we want to make sure that we don’t burn them out by taking too much ascorbic acid.

So if you’re taking Vitamin C, go get the bottle and just make sure it doesn’t have large amounts of ascorbic acid. You want to get a natural Vitamin C that has low ascorbic acid .

We know about vitamin K. That’s like the clotting factors and so people might get bruising if they’re deficient in vitamin k.

But this is the anti pneumonia vitamin this is the about flavonoids that support the veins. And without this you get spider veins and this is the one that supports the adrenal.

Ascorbic acid is just the shell of the vitamin C complex

Ascorbic Acid - Natural Vitamin C

The only function of ascorbic acid really is to protect these vital internal parts of the Vitamin C complex. This is not the active ingredient in Vitamin C like most people think.

The reason why it works, may be for when you get sick, you might take Vitamin C is the acidifying effect. It’s really the acid in the ascorbic acid that helps kill the microbes of the bacteria.

You be much better off consuming apple cider vinegar in water then you would be with ascorbic acid. Because the ascorbic acid will start depleting you over the other factors.

So when we ask people: You know what was your history, what did you do a lot of and if they had a lot of grams of Vitamin C or so-called Vitamin C. And they end up with adrenal issues it could be one causation of that.

Make sure your Vitamin C is from a natural source

We just wanted to mention this. Just make sure that your Vitamin C is from a natural source. So you read the label and you want to see the foods that it comes from.

Not just a little pinch of rosehips you want to see that it’s low ascorbic acid and it comes from foods vegetables and things like that.

Top foods with Vitamin C are: Acerola Cherry´s, Rosehips, Kiwis, Papaya, Broccoli and Peppers. Any type of peppers bell peppers green peppers hot peppers. Those are the foods that have the most Vitamin C on the planet.